Medical Interpreter Skills Training

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Consecutive Mode Skill Development, Jan 16
 or Aug 13

Memory skills development; sensory integration; controlling the flow for improved communication via consecutive mode; note taking; role play and language development in medical and community fields.

Fundamentals and Skills Assessment (*Pre-requisite), Jan 30 or July 16

Testing of fundamental skills and techniques; roles of the interpreter; compare and contrast demands of the profession; modes of interpreting; Interpreter Code of Ethics; terminology; resources.

Roles of the interpreter; interpreter Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Medical and Community interpreters; role play and language development; positioning, personal safety and well-being.

The Encounter: Goals, Guidelines and Gripes, Feb 27 or Aug 20

Role of culture and language in the medical and community setting; mediation, not advocacy; the “pre-session”; self-assessment; self-correction; literacy issues; role play and language development.

Simultaneous and Sight Translation Modes Skill Development, Mar 5 or Sep 3

Memory skills development; sight translation fundamentals; strategies for setting skill limitations; use of the simultaneous mode; role play and language development for medical/community.

Terminology and Techniques: Test Ready, Mar 19 or Oct 1

Develop your interpreter image and voice; terminology and resources; coping with stress and confidentiality; positioning; role play culturally and linguistically difficult situations; freelance tips; planning to take the medical interpreter exam.


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